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An ancient story. Since 1948, three generations of family have brought passion and spirit to the tradition of footwear.


The richness of high quality materials, the selection of the best tanneries in Italy, and the daily collaboration of Luca with the artisans in every phase of work guarantees footwear curated to the most minute detail.


A mix of artisanal mastery, fine workmanship and innovative vision: so every creation is born.


Every shoe is “made in Italy”: a rich design of originality and exclusivity reflecting the continued travels of Luca in order to capture the ultimate trends in the universe of sneakers.


Passing through the world Luca finds inspiration: collecting testimonies, photographing daily life, participating in shows and concerts, frequenting art galleries, theaters, markets, and trendy venues, moving from the center to outskirts, animated by curiosity and the spirit of observation.


The sharp envisions innovation and the continued spirit of richness becoming almost a treasure in the hands of artisanal spirit, whose only objective is the creation made in the rule of art. 


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