Ylati's Meaning

Ylati, a name with a secret twist that reveals "Italy" when read in reverse, reflects our deep connection to Italian roots and passion. Originating from the captivating Phlegrean Fields (Campi Flegrei), a magical and mystique area just twenty minutes from the city of Napoli, this scenic area boasts vibrant volcanoes, Roman Empire ruins, and a stunning sea view—the perfect backdrop for the resilience and enduring quality embodied in every pair of Ylati shoes.

In 2011, Luca Martino, Ylati's founder with over a decade of footwear industry experience, identified a challenge in the market. Some luxury brands charged excessively high prices for their Made in Italy footwear, while cheap options from far East sacrificed on quality.

Ylati emerged to overcome this challenge, offering premium Italian shoes that combine superior quality with fair prices.

Our shoes harmonize traditional craftsmanship with modern ideas, telling the story of Italian shoemaking excellence. Ylati embraces a local ethos with a global perspective, providing an opportunity for you to experience premium quality footwear made to last, without breaking your bank accounts!

Much like the dynamic nature of the Phlegrean Fields, Ylati Footwear offers versatility for the modern and global explorers. Whether you're navigating city streets or strolling along the coastline, our shoes seamlessly adapt to your lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the urban jungle or wander through the tranquility of coastal landscapes – Ylati Footwear is your companion in every adventure.