Ylati Footwear: a perfect marriage of the artisanal footwear tradition and the innovative world of sneakers.


In 2011, the founder Luca Martino, made his childhood dream a reality, turning his passion for sneakers into a shoe brand reflecting his Neapolitan roots
Ylati - Italy spelt backwards - reflects the long-standing historical tradition in Italian footwear that emphasizes particular attention to details and timeless aesthetic taste without compromising the comfort and long durability of our footwear.


Napoli, Ylati’s inspiration,is a city rich in history and multiculturalism, full of superstition, magical neighbourhood brimming with life, unique panoramic, the sea, the sun, and, guarding the city, Mount Vesuvius. 


With a Grazie grande to Ylati customers, we continue with our original mission: to preserve the tradition of Italian artisanal footwear and the use of high-quality Italian materials integrated with the innovative and fast-moving world of sneakers.