Ylati Footwear: a perfect marriage of the artisanal tradition of Italian leather and the innovative world of sneakers. Hailing from the beautiful coast of Napoli, founder Luca Martino completed two degrees in both Communications and International Marketing at Universita' per Stranieri di Perugia. 

Before founding Ylati, Luca worked in various aspects of the Italian shoe industry, learning the ins-and-outs of soles, stitching and laces.

In 2011, Luca, with the help of some friends, made his childhood dream a reality, turning his passion for  sneakers into a shoe brand reflecting his Neapolitan roots. 
Ylati - Italy spelled backwards - reflects the long-standing historical tradition in Italian footwear that emphasizes particular attention to details and uncompromising aesthetic taste. 

Napoli, Ylati's foundation and inspiration, is a city rich in history and multiculturalism, full of superstition, magical neighborhoods brimming with life, unique panoramics, the sea, the sun, and, guarding the city, mount Vesuvius. 

After years of hard work, our greatest pride is seeing Ylati sneakers in the windows of the world's most famous boutiques and on the feet of global superstars and their supporters. 
With a Grazie grande to Ylati fans, we continue with our original mission: to preserve the tradition of Italian artisanal footwear and the use of  high-quality Italian materials integrated with the innovative and fast-moving world of sneakers.