Welcome to the VIP Room

Step into the exclusive YLATI VIP Room, where style meets celebrity. This space is dedicated to showcasing the global icons who have embraced our brand, from the electrifying world of music and entertainment to the thrilling realms of sports. Each VIP featured here is not just a celebrated figure; they are trendsetters and style influencers who choose YLATI for its unmatched quality and distinctive designs. Explore, enjoy, and be inspired by the elite clientele who not only wear our creations but define trends worldwide. YLATI is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle chosen by the best. Our VIP Room boasts an impressive roster of celebrities including:


Football legend known for his impeccable style on and off the pitch.

Sean Paul

Grammy-winning artist who brings the heat to every performance and outfit.

Craig David

The smooth R&B singer whose timeless style complements his timeless tunes.

Black Coffee

Internationally acclaimed DJ known for his deep house music and equally profound fashion sense.


A rising star in the music scene, known for his edgy and contemporary fashion choices.

Chiara Biasi

Italian fashion influencer and blogger celebrated for her chic and trendy fashion sense.


Emerging Italian rapper known for his unique blend of style and lyrical prowess.

Jason Derulo

The pop sensation whose bold fashion choices are as dynamic as his chart-topping hits

Jake Miller

The rising pop-star whose casual yet polished look is always on point.

Jay Sean

British singer-songwriter who blends pop with R&B, mirrored by his versatile style.

Luka Sabbat

Young fashion influencer known for his avant-garde approach to streetwear.

Micheal K Williams

Celebrated actor whose roles are as compelling as his personal style.

Marco Carola

Techno DJ who spins records and heads with his signature sleek look.


Former football star whose style is as fiery as his gameplay.

Rabir Kapoor

Acclaimed actor known for his charismatic performances and impeccable fashion sense, Rabir brings a touch of Bollywood glamour to every ensemble.

Sebastian LLetget

Renowned soccer player known for his dynamic play on the field and his sharp, off-field style, Sebastian embodies the blend of athletic performance and fashion-forward thinking.

Soulja Boy

Pioneering rapper and record producer whose bold style and influence in the music industry mirror his choice in standout footwear.

Suhant Singh

Celebrated actor remembered for his compelling performances in Indian cinema and his classic yet contemporary style.

The Game

Iconic rapper known for his impactful lyrics and equally powerful fashion sense, often seen sporting bold, statement-making sneakers.

Varuun Dhawan

Bollywood heartthrob whose youthful and vibrant fashion choices make him a trendsetter both on-screen and off.

Ace Hood

Influential rapper and music producer, known for his intense music and equally robust style that sets trends in the hip-hop community.
Each photograph in our VIP Room captures moments where these icons sport YLATI footwear, illustrating the universal appeal of our brand across different cultures and industries. From the studio to the stage, from the sports arena to the streets of fashion capitals, YLATI is a beloved choice among those at the forefront of culture and style.