For leather, start by wiping off any soil with a clean cloth. if there is a stain, gently rub the stain with a lightly wet cloth with just a drop of lukewarm water than allow to air dry. For scuffs use a commercial polish and simply follow the directions. Gently rub the scuffed area and wipe away the residue with a clean cloth. Allow to dry and then buff again with a clean cloth.

Suede and Nubuk Shoes

The secret to keeping suede or any napped surface shoes looking its best is regular care. The surfaces should be kept as dry as possible and cleaned with a soft-bristled brush after every wearing to remove loose dust and soil. Treat stains as quickly as possible. 

  • Marks and scuffs: Gently rub with a pencil eraser and then brush to restore the nap.
  • Oily stains: Sprinkle the area with baby powder or cornstarch to absorb the oil. Let the powder sit on the stain for at least an hour and then brush away. Repeat until all of the oil is absorbed and then brush to lift the nap.
  • Wet stains: Blot with a paper towel or cloth to absorb moisture. Allow the shoes to air dry completely away from direct heat. Brush to smooth the nap.