June 18, 2024

Men’s Shoes Must-Have for the Spring-Summer Season

When it comes to facing the spring-summer season with style, casual sneakers have become an essential element in the male wardrobe. To match with r...

Men’s Shoes Must-Have for the Spring-Summer Season

When it comes to facing the spring-summer season with style, casual sneakers have become an essential element in the male wardrobe. To match with relaxed but well-groomed outfits, the sneakers offer a perfect balance between comfort, versatility and trend. Ylati Footwear, synonymous with craftsmanship and contemporary design, offers a collection of sneakers that embody the spirit of the season, making every step an experience of fashion and comfort. Discover the models that can not be missed miss in your summer wardrobe.

Men’s shoes for Spring-Summer, the latest trends

With the arrival of spring-summer, the change of season brings with it an inevitable desire for renewal, which is also reflected in the wardrobe. Among the various elements of the look, shoes occupy a central place: the choice of the right footwear can radically transform the way you present yourself and face the day. In this context, men’s shoes for spring-summer are not only a matter of style, but also of comfort and functionality. That’s why the selection of the right footwear is essential to be ready for anything from relaxed walks to elegant evenings.

White Sneakers: the symbol of summer

The white sneakers represent one of the most versatile and cool choices for the hot season. They are the emblem of the casual-chic look, ideal for those who love a clean but fashionable style. Imagine a sunny day, walking through the streets of a city or along the coast: white sneakers are perfect to create a harmonious contrast with the blue jeans or the lightness of a pair of beige chinos. With their minimalist design, they effortlessly integrate into any outfit, be it a casual t-shirt or a light shirt.

The importance of white sneakers goes beyond fashion: they are a statement of simplicity and refinement. No matter how colorful your choice of clothing is, white sneakers always manage to maintain a balance, adding a touch of cleanliness and freshness that enhances the entire look.


White sneakers, as mentioned, are the quintessence of casual chic style, perfect for spring-summer. The Amalfi Low White captures the essence of minimalist design with a refined premium leather finish. This model is designed for those who love a clean and sophisticated look, easily combined with jeans, chinos and shorts. Its slim silhouette and unbeatable comfort make it ideal for dynamic days and casual evenings.

Suede Sneaker: Texture and refinement

For those looking for an elegance that does not go unnoticed, suede sneakers are the perfect choice. They offer a rich texture and a sophistication that make them ideal for smart-casual occasions. The suede has a tactile quality that gives depth to any outfit. If you think of a summer evening, perhaps in an outdoor restaurant, these sneakers in sophisticated shades such as gray or navy blue, go perfectly with light cotton pants and a linen shirt, creating a look that is as refined as it is relaxed.

The suede texture adds a luxurious dimension and offers a break from the usual, turning even the simplest combinations into something special. It’s like adding a touch of velvet to your style: discreet, but unmistakably refined.


Suede sneakers add a touch of elegance to the casual summer. Venere Low Burning Sand is a refined choice for those who want a sophisticated look without sacrificing comfort. Available in shades such as beige and white, this model stands out for its soft texture and craftsmanship. Ideal for smart-casual outfits, it offers a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Colorful sneakers: a touch of vivacity

There is nothing better than colorful sneakers to add a touch of liveliness to your day. Bright colors bring energy and personality, and spring-summer is the perfect time to play with shades that reflect your cheerfulness and vitality. Imagine leaving for a weekend away: sneakers in bright red or bright green can become the focal point of your outfit, whether it’s with a pair of casual shorts or light shorts.


The colorful sneakers are perfect for adding a touch of vivacity to the spring and summer wardrobe. VENERE HIGH GREEN NATURE offers a range of bright and vibrant shades that adapt to the personality of the wearer. Q sneakers are designed for those who love to stand out and experiment with color. Ideal for casual and fun looks.


The Craftsmanship of Ylati: a Guarantee of Quality

Each pair of Ylati sneakers is the result of a fusion of contemporary design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The attention to detail and the choice of high quality materials ensure that each model not only follows trends, but also offers durability and comfort. Ylati Footwear stands out for its ability to interpret the modern needs of man, with footwear that perfectly adapt to the dynamic rhythm of contemporary life.


The spring-summer collection by Ylati Footwear celebrates the casual sneaker in all its forms. Whether you prefer the minimalism of white sneakers, the refinement of suede or the vivacity of colored sneakers, Ylati offers models that meet every need of style and comfort. Discover the complete collection and add a touch of class to your summer wardrobe with Ylati sneakers.

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Updated: June 27, 2024