The Best European Sneaker Brands You've Never Heard Of CHRISTOPHER RILEY8 JAN 2020 Nike, Off-White and Yeezy are not the only brands making footwear worth blowing a pay cheque on. We travelled to the biggest sneaker show in the world to discover the brands you need to know. Travelling to Milan to discuss all things sneaker related may seem like the most GQ thing to do. And, it is. But right now, sneakers are among the most important things in fashion and so if we must travel to Milan, travel to Milan we must. With more than 2000 collections on show, the one-of-a-kind event is an opportunity to not only discover the latest drops from some of the world’s hottest brands, but to also learn about the emerging and lesser-known brands shaping the direction in which the sneaker game is heading. And so, after three days drooling over fresh new kicks and drinking ungentlemanly quantities of Aperol Spritz, we returned to Australian shores armed with a list of the most exciting sneaker brands you need to know. Ylati Sneakers for the artisans among us. Each pair of Ylati shoes are designed and hand-crafted in Italy, blending what they describe as their three main components: “the Italian tradition, the use of high-quality materials and the avant-garde approach”. What more could you want?

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